Amber Stone, the 21-year old Australian pop artist, boasts a sensual cinematic sound emphasized by rich textures, lush vocals and emotive bass and beats. Her confessional storytelling reads like a journal of past and present desires, hopes and fallen dreams that translate to her songs with an easy intimacy. Unafraid to show her flaws or shy away from the truth, her warm vulnerability colors each of the stories she brings to life.

The Seed Series and Queensland Conservatorium graduate is gaining momentum as a promising new artist to watch. Already transcending beyond anonymity and successfully cutting through the noise within her local Australian scene, Amber has received national airplay for her recently released live single ‘Being Yours’.

 Working with producers renowned both locally and internationally, including the likes of Jarryd Shuker (Future Jr, Golden Vessel, OKBADLANDS), Taka Perry (RCA, M-Phazes, Ruel, Max Frost for Atlantic Records) and Tristan Hoogland (Golden Vessel, Ball Park Music, Cub Sport), Amber is soon to release her much-anticipated Debut EP.